Welcome to Sri Chaitanya Techno School Shamli

Sri Chaitanya first surfaced on the academic horizon in the year 1986 and within a span of 38 years went on to become one of the pioneer educational group in India. The past two and a half decades witnessed Sri Chaitanya’s novel academic programs and teaching methods have helped students enter the nation's premier institutions. The manner in which the Group has transformed the outlook towards education has been nothing short of exemplary.

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About Us

History :

This group of educational institution comprehends the significance of pedagogic service to the student community right from Class 1 to Mid School,(CBSE): with Objective & Reasoning tests right from classes VI to VIII. The same orientation is upgraded by one level every year to classes IX, X and continues into classes XI and XII at the +2 level.

Welcome the Masters of Education with a truly Global Vision Sri Chaitanya

There are some moments in life that one forgets. However, for Sri Chaitanya every moment over the past 38 years has been memorable and cherished. Every year has not been a mere milestone but has hoisted another flag fluttering to mark educational conquest in the sands of time.

Flight through time

Sri Chaitanya first surfaced on the academic horizon in the autumn of the 20th century and has progressed in a wink to the spring of the 21st century in all dimensions earning itself the sobriquet: The Pioneer Educational Group in India. The past two and a half decades, witnessed Sri Chaitanya striding across the sands of education like a Colossus with academic programmes that sent students to the nation’s premier engineering and medical colleges in a torrential flow. It proved one thing: Sri Chaitanya is unstoppable at any level of scholastic activity. The manner in which the institution has weaved the academic programmes into the educational texture is sheer magic and part of academic folklore.

Legend of Sri Chaitanya – The Mentors

The inception of Sri Chaitanya was a vision of Sri Dr. B. S. Rao and Smt. Dr. Jhansi Lakshmi Bai, who had been enjoying an immensely successful medical practice abroad. The transition from the field of medicine to education was swift and smooth. As professionals they were on a mission : to groom students of their home town in Andhra Pradesh, and change their mind set from settling for a mediocre career to aspiring for a professional career in premier engineering and medical institutions at the national level : and to transform mere participants to winners.

Our Vision And Mission :


Sri Chaitanya School aims at engaging students in tackling real-world problems. The education they receive revolves around the holistic development of the students. The school aims to be an institution of excellence, dedicated to producing leaders of the future. It is a perfect blend of academic syllabus and extra -curricular activities. The spirit of Sri Chaitanya School is to make every child a competitive and a complete person through the integrated programme.


To fulfill the vision, Sri Chaitanya Educational Institutions provide a platform to every student to discover and realise his/her potential.
To understand and implement the core essentials of life through:

  • Morals : The ability to discriminate between the right and the wrong
  • Values : The unique beliefs and feelings of an individual
  • Ethics : The principles of behavior
  • Problem-solving techniques : The skill of resolving difficulties
  • Positive attitude: The highest form of a healthy personality

At Sri Chaitanya our mission, through the combined effort of staff, parents and students community is:

  • To provide students with a foundation in basic skills,
  • To foster a positive work ethic,
  • To create an environment that harbors tolerance & respect for each other
  • To spark an attitude of inquiry and an enthusiasm for learning that will enable our children to become productive and responsible citizens.

Giving Students the global edge

Over the years, Sri Chaitanya branched across the length and breadth of not only the state but beyond it. Thanks to their efficient academic and administrative squad, Sri Chaitanya is now a trusted household name across the country. The expansion of their educational services has touched the root level of education with the institution of Sri Chaitanya Techno Schools and Star Kids.


The second generation of directors stepped in to support the founding directors of Sri Chaitanya and in no time set it on the fast track. The group now enjoys the perfect blend of wisdom and innovation. Thinking ahead of times is what they believe in. Customizing intellectual property is facilitating them relocate students from the unenviable situation of ordinary to the coveted education of the highest standard in premier national and state based professional institutions.


Sri Chaitanya: The Master of Education is espoused to the task of making professionals out of students with an uncanny magic touch. Students graduating from Sri Chaitanya Schools and Colleges (10+2) do not chase jobs but chase careers. The students are fostered to blend into any professional sphere they wish to make a career in. The secret behind the cent percent success rate of Sri Chaitanya is in churning out professional careers in a prolific measure year after year for about a quarter century lies in the unchallenged commitment to make lives of even average students better, academically.


Students of Sri Chaitanya are intellectually and rationally equipped to apply their aptitude and clear the toughest of entrance tests State level and National level.


Admission is left entirely to the discretion of the principal.


Parents seeking admission for their child/children, must forward to the principal an application form correctly filled in and signed by the Parent or Guardian, together with a copy of the Birth Certificate and Transfer Certificate from the School last attended.


If seats are available admissions are made on merit after having an oral test by the individual subject teachers in the presence of principal.


The selected candidates can have the application form, from the Principal’s Office.


Mid Schooling: Initiating a Scholastic Renaissance

Sri Chaitanya: The Masters of Education

Sri Chaitanya School offers co-education to students from Class 1 To Class 8. Mid level of school is the decisive phase in the scholastic preference of a student. Children study various subjects by scrutinizing and not by scanning as at the Primary level. Each concept in every topic of the respective subjects is analyzed and examined in the class-room by the student under the teaching and supervision of the teacher.

Sri Chaitanya has proffered a 360° turnaround to the conventional teaching-learning methodology. The improved approach is to tackle the issue at the core level in order to introduce a fresh and novel learning methodology. SCTS believes that every subject is significant in carving a different field altogether and contributing to life and career in equal measures. It is then up to the discretion of the students, under the guidance of the teacher, to choose a career in any subject / field depending on their strengths and weaknesses, besides opportunities to grow. At Sri Chaitanya Techno Schools, students are groomed for a professional career.

Choosing a Right Career

SCTS curriculum clears the mist that stands between the student and the subject. Students then grasp all subjects likewise with clarity. The scenario now becomes comprehensive because all subjects excite the mind. In the same positive way the result is that, career decisions are deferred to a later point of time with thorough comprehension of all the subjects.


CBSE Syllabus :

We follow the Syllabus prescribed by CBSE. The faculty works as a team to give intensive coaching in Math’s, Physics, and Chemistry & Biology to students of MID LEVEL. The school has adopted the methods of formative teaching along with the CCE (Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation) in better and spirit.

Audio-Visual Aids :

Integration of audiovisual teaching with the conventional teaching is an important feature of Sri Chaitanya Techno School Teaching system.

Projects :

Project-based learning offers a wide range of benefits to both students and teachers. For students, benefits of project-based learning include

  • Increased attendance, growth in self-reliance, and improved attitudes toward learning
  • Academic gains equal to or better than those generated by other models, with students involved in projects taking greater responsibility for their own learning than during more traditional classroom activities.
  • Opportunities to develop complex skills, such as higher-order thinking, problem-solving, collaborating, and communicating
  • Access to a broader range of learning opportunities in the classroom, providing a strategy for engaging culturally diverse learners
Laboratory :

By doing the experiments’ in the Laboratory students will develop the subject knowledge and understanding and also, intellectual abilities, practical skills like data recording and analyzing skills and experimental design – problem solving and analyzing skills, transferable skills.

Yoga :

Health and wellness, and character education are common themes in all schools today; all are focusing on educating the whole child, mind, body and spirit. Yoga, by nature, supports this learning. In SCTS we are following the same

Benefits of yoga to support the education of the whole child :

  • Provides students healthy ways to express and balance their emotions
  • Promotes a more relaxed, comfortable state of being – the perfect state for teaching and learning
  • Encourages community and connectedness within the classroom
  • Helps to create an atmosphere of confidence, enthusiasm and non-competitiveness where everyone can succeed
  • Eases anxiety and tension (such as pre-test or performance jitters)
  • Enhances focus, concentration, comprehension and memory
  • Provides opportunities for reflection, patience and insight, reducing impulsivity and reactivity
  • Supports social and emotional learning
  • Improves listening skills
  • Enhances organizational and communication skills
  • Improves mind/body awareness and connection
  • Improves confidence and self-esteem
  • Encourages respect for oneself and others
  • Creates a calm, harmonious classroom
Language club :

The Language club in the school is mainly focus on enriching the knowledge and global skills of the students by
  • Improve pronunciation
  • Develop fluency in speaking and conversation
  • Build vocabulary
  • Learn essential grammar
  • Improve reading and writing skills

Smart Living Programme :

OBJECTIVE: The “SMART LIVING” Programme (Self discipline, Moral values, Awareness on health, Responsible towards society, Technological advancement ) is a step towards our goal of imparting PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT & VALUE EDUCATION to our student community, and thus serving our society as a whole.

Highlights :

  • “Today’s children are tomorrow’s citizens.” So, moulding our children today, igniting them with PERSONAL VALUES like Self Discipline, Moral Values, Health Awareness, Economic Awareness, Awareness on Indian Heritage, Good habits, Responsible towards Society, Benefits of yoga & meditation , are the ways and means aiming to create an ‘All-round Development’ among students.
  • “SMART LIVING Programme” is an attempt to prepare our future generations to cope with the challenges and changing realities of today and tomorrow.
  • “Value cannot be forced but be imparted through education.” So, through this programme we are trying to ‘combine Knowledge, Discipline & Values’ which can create a Responsible-Disciplined- knowledgeable- moral society. This is a step forward in implementing our commitment towards the society.
  • The SMART LIVING programme is a blue print which enables our school to create a structure for Value Education and Personality Development combined with Knowledge and Wisdom.
  • Every month, we will be concentrating on a particular topic related either to the personal development or issues related to social awareness that are having an impact in the students’ lives.

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